I am a stickler for formulations that are high grade, pure, bioavailable, effective and safe.

The Sleep Lab formulas are safe and contain zero additives and toxins - the best choice for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and for children from 2 years of age.

I created them based on decades of clinical experience in nutritional and environmental medicine, conventional medicine and feedback from patients who are very sensitive, or on multiple medications trying to become drug free.

All our formulas are designed to be combined safely and effectively with most pharmaceuticals.  Always a good idea to make your leading physician aware of the supplements you are using.


How to use:

  1. The foundational piece is CALM.  Take 2 a night every night.

  2. If experiencing jet lag, mood issues or more chronic sleep issues, add 2 capsules of DEEP SLEEP.  They work magically together!

Wake up fresh, enhance focus and protect your brain and body from age and environment related decline in the long run.


    Dr Cheryl Kam - Functional Medicine, Holistic Coach, Singapore


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