Why I quit doctoring

Graduating from Medicine in 2007 to be a pill pusher, was just complete bulls*t to me.

I was born with a relentless drive to understand humans, a passion in helping people, and a gift for seeing right into their beautiful souls, but this work was getting me nowhere close, despite trying to figure it out for so long.

The health care terrain is old, and I'm here to change it.

Yet all I was doing was trying to survive in an archaic system, a system that provides medical services with zero semblance to the historical intentions of the healing profession. And the system was exploiting and undervaluing doctors in the process.

I went through the gruelling years of medical school in London (taught by real deal top of their game clinicians mind you, pumping their time and energy giving us a rigorous apprenticeship), to come out and be a crutch to a failing and broke National health service, sacrificing my health and reproductive potential for their inefficiencies?

Hell, no!

And wait a second, doctors while they’re being clapped for being the noble selfless first liners are still severely undervalued by society.

Doctors are taking the brunt of a broken system. And doctors are stuck.


Was I going to change the system?

Not from the inside out.

(By the way, I did a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management at Imperial Business School with the MBA crowd, and tried to do that too)

So I decide to waste no time, and further my own studies in what I felt I needed to know, to help the people I wanted to help.

In true scientist fashion I experimented heavily on myself, perfect guinea pig, with all my traumas, burnout experiences, mood issues, eczema, and stress and hormone related problems.

Then, after completing my functional medicine fellowship over 4 years and two babies <3, I filled in the gaps myself. I selected a global network of mentors in the field of Ecological, Functional and integrative medicine, I read widely around psychology and CBT. I dived into traditional Chinese medicine. I studied and practiced clinical hypnotherapy to understand the inner workings of the mind. I am committed to a (eternal!) journey of spiritual formation.

This sharpening of my diagnostic, therapeutic and intuitive blade will never stop, and that’s probably how I outgrew being a doctor in the conventional sense of the word.

And covid? It gave me the last push to make the leap to innovate, create, and adapt the business.


I now help busy mums unlock crazy energy, focus and calm.


I also help doctors impact their patients lives more meaningfully, and achieve personal success.

Who am I?

I am a biohacking mom, helper and guide, teacher and leader, butt-kicker and space holder. I am gifted at crunching down heaps of info into actionable steps that make sense to the individual in front of me.

Oh, and yeah, I happen to be a doctor too.



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