The new currency (post covid)

We can now count the weeks to the end of lock down, and I’m kind of sad as I was really loving every bit of this!

I love everything about what the lockdown made us do…

We are cooking at home (Sourdough, Banana bread ftw, thanks Mum!), we are spending more time with family, reading all the books on our list, we are spending more time in appreciation of nature and immune boosting sunshine.

What are the lessons I am taking away from the lock down

(Okay, I’m one of the rare people who basically was born for this type of global pandemic shit. I’ve done a 180 and completely changed my business to provide education, coaching and products completely online and in covid my business literally burst at the seams. Disgusting, I know. Ps. I can teach you, because it was NOT luck.)

  • I’m locking down for life! My routine of doing homeschool for my 3.5yo in the mornings, break for lunch and mass, and work in the afternoons is the BOMB. Try having a mid day proper break, you will love it too.

  • Cultivate your spirit, because that’s all that will be left of us, and the impermanence of this world is palpable when you read death metrics all day.

  • There are more deaths from hunger and violence to date than covid-19. Cultivate an appreciation and urgency in caring for the people for whom lock down was definite turmoil and death.

    Fix hunger, fast! Guys, there IS a vaccine for starvation…

    Focus on the family, and contribute to causes against family violence, trauma and child abuse.


  • Actually make a difference to our terrible carbon footprint. Look how the earth thrived when we just stopped consuming so mindlessly for a wee bit. The chickens and birds in our hood are thriving, and the air is so clean! As a keen explorer and relentless globetrotter, I am seriously questioning our need to travel so much.


My final word is this.

When the world opens up again, forget about getting back to the old mindless “norm”, which really was perpetuating the problems above.

The new currency is no longer MONEY, but HAPPINESS and peace of mind.

You know it. So how will you change?