The doctor of the YOU!

Happy 2021!

I'd like to share my mission once again, because I suspect out of all of you are a big bunch who also share this mission, and I want to know you!  

My mission-driven business is linked deeply to a lack I feel in the world. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Through my business I empower women from all over the world to be strong change makers, and leaders in their community, starting from unshakeable vibrant personal health and family life.  

And the world needs more health coaches who are brave enough to walk the walk with their clients, but also safe and aware of the current medical system, with the support from a mentor who has an MD background and solid network of advisors and mentors.  

I cannot impact as many people as I like, without your help.  
So I made it my business to teach YOU!  
I teach healthcare pioneers, wellness warriors, awakened practitioners and health leaders to heal themselves through the practical aspects of functional medicine, and those that come through my unique coaching process, will eventually be able to coach powerfully too, to transform the lives of their clients 💫
How do I get started?
Step 1 is confidently addressing nutrient debt, something that 90% women unknowingly walk around with!  
Only kickstart graduates get to continue further training with me. 
Enroll in the Kickstart 4 day intensive!  
What's unlocked for me, after Kickstart?
The Vibrant Life certification program!
Level 1
6 months of attendance grants you a level 1 certification in the foundations of applied functional medicine.  This is relevant for those wanting to pursue personal vibrant and unshakable health while learning the key concepts that will come in handy if you were to treat others too.  
Level 2
6 months grants you an advanced level 2 certification 
Get confident with existing clients, (course includes pointers on how to get your first 5 clients for starter coaches, case discussions and all the support you need)
Level 3
6 months in the mastery incubator 
This will be in the form of small group workshops including guest speakers, and business coaches to help get your game on!  
*Level 3 will be entered into after passing an interview and MCQ.

PS. Know someone who has ambitions in the health and wellness space?  Forward this email to them!