Surviving transitions in life (covid edition)

Photo by  Erin Wilson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Erin Wilson on Unsplash

There is a lot of help around it’s almost overwhelming, some of it is noise… however I’d like to simply contribute this evergreen list of my favourite points to remember, not just in covid times, but in times of any kind of transition be it being newly married, moving house, moving countries, having a new baby, healing from burnout…

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Reject new commitments
It is easy in these times to get carried away with urgencies, and embark on projects because of our helpful and giving nature. We are swept with emotion, but not clear on whether we have enough in our tank to give meaningfully with.

During these times, it is okay to say No first, and to guard your time and energy until you feel certain it is the best move, aligned with you and your family’s goals.

Know what you want
This is key, and it is usually best to have your vision and goals already strongly decided upon, in order you can easily say YES and NO to opportunities that present themselves. Work on finding your purpose, as a matter of urgency. Don’t die with the music still in you.

Focus on 1-2 goals a year
I needed this piece of advice told to me again and again. In fact, my husband knows how many times he repeated this, ON TOP of the fact I kept a goals journal and had to force myself not to write more than 2 things in my 5 year goal list!

As we approach the middle of the year, this is an opportune time to stock take and decide on goals if you haven’t already.

With everything, there’s no black and white, and when you’re going through transitions, you may not have your perfect diet down to pat. Sure, you’re working on it, but you’re also enjoying life and giving yourself permission to stretch. Not been eating clean lately? It’s just a couple of months in the grand scheme of your entire life of 80+ years, will you sweat it?

Anticipate unexpected events
It’s going to happen. These things are here to challenge us, and hiccups are almost guaranteed to happen. It is always a good idea to think about some contingency plans or at least steel your mind and emotions and prepare a can of laughter. (Movers not showing up, child vomiting all over, spouse falling ill, in law having a bone to pick with you…)

Identify weak points
Is it your patience? Your anger? Your time management? Be aware where you are weak, and be aware that it is an area of work, and that you are in practice.

Covid season school closures are certainly giving me ample opportunity to practice the patience I have been praying so hard for. :P