Silent Night, Holy Night...

All is CALM, all is bright...
Hello and happy advent my loyal followers! ❤️
Some of you already know, that I have a line of supplements created solely for my clients, patients and followers :)

It's not a spinner, or a core business (I still need the right team to help helm it!), but this is a gift I want to share with you all as part of your experience with me, my work and my passion.  
You see, sleep is the #1 most troublesome symptom in many of my patients, and without sleep, I know I become very grumpy dragon, and no one around me is happy.
Are you looking to recover from hormone disbalance, toxicity, burnout, or create a healing terrain in your body?  

How do I use CALM and DEEP SLEEP?
#1 CALM contains pure pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Glycinate at therapeutic doses (2 capsules each evening after dinner).  This will promote muscle relaxation, calmness of the mind, and help you sink into that relaxed and chilled state of mind.

#2 DEEP SLEEP is best used 15 minutes before bedtime, after CALM.  Sometimes, CALM alone is not enough, and so adding DEEP SLEEP is a safe and non-drug way to encourage a deeper, restorative sleep, and even if you wake in the middle of the night, you are able to pop back to sleep quickly.  

These two formulas are not habit forming, and have been created for moms in their fertile and breastfeeding periods in life.  No official certifications for pregnancy and breastfeeding safety have been applied for, therefore it is prudent to always check with your healthcare provider for the use of any supplements.  
This Christmas season, I'd like to invite you all to enjoy the starter pack at a special price.
Not got your Christmas presents yet?  
Give your friend the gift of a peaceful and heavenly sleep 😘