My 10 Essentials for a Natural birth

Photo by  Sharon McCutcheon  on  Unsplash

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Take note, birth coach ie. dear husband.

This is my personal check list of what to have within easy reach during labour day!

  1. Dates

  2. Really Raw Honey

  3. Essence of Chicken

  4. Raspberry leaf tea with honey and ginger

  5. Coconut juice

  6. Magnesium cream and Java hut massage oil for nice relaxing back rubs

  7. Caullophyllum 200C and Cimicifuga 200C to help in cervical dilatation

  8. Arnica 200C for second stage of labour

  9. Kali Phos 200C for the transition stage (Out of all the homeopathics we will probably not forget this one!)

  10. My Doula!


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