Home schooling curricula

There are many curricula to follow, or mix and match.  Make use of homeschool networks and parent support groups.  Get on the right side of the local education laws and regulations.


My favourite so far has been the Classical education system and I’ve been reading The Well Trained Mind as a little bit of a bible, in planning for our homeschool lifestyle and journey for the primary school years and beyond.

The classical education trivium

The classical education trivium

These are a selection of curricula you can mix and match for your child, for primary school onwards.

  1. Traditional i.e. school + worksheets

  2. Classical trivium:  The Classical liberal arts of grammar, logic and rhetoric

  3. Unschooling

  4. Unit studies

  5. Charlotte Mason and Twaddle free literature 

  6. Life of Fred

  7. Montessori

I did a little test on the Charlotte Mason website and found I was suited to the unschooling and classical education methods.

Unschooling to me is Reggio/Waldorf inspired; child led, nature based, spiritual, art appreciative, holistic.  There is some sort of routine and ritual such as starting the day with circle time.

The classical trivium observes the following and trains a person to eventually reach mastery by a building up of layers of knowledge and logic to get to that stage.

I can’t say, as a fresh university grad, that I even had any skill to boast of, for any rhetoric.  And I didn’t learn Latin, so learning with my child a second time around really excites me!


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