Ending and Starting the year off right...

Ending 2020, what a year!

Have you made some time to scribble down your achievements and reflections?

You know, 2020 had such a ring to it, back in 2019 I knew something big was about to happen. It was an exciting feeling in my belly, that made me work hard in 2019 Q4 to bring everything online.

Little did I know, this online work thing was about to get real.

Any epiphanies for 2021? Not much 😂 except for the fact there are going to be two distinct breeds of people:


The ones who have seen, absorbed, experienced, purged and questioned.  And the ones who are scrambling to get back to the old norm (wait, wasn't it broken, in the first place??)


Yes, life goes on, but so many of you are galvanised at this time to really take life by the reigns to run the show, because when we now say "THEY really should do something about this", remember who "THEY" are - it's YOU!


Over here, we stand for:  


#climatechange #mentalhealth #traumasensitive #blacklivesmatter #poclifesmatter #spiritualgrowth #sustainability #healthleadership #socialresponsibility #worklifebalance #familyfirst #socialimpact #truthbearer #businessforgood 


Empowering women to voice up, is my jam.  My mission, through the work I do, is strongly veered towards empowering women to realise we are the heart and soul of the family, and when we stand up for ourselves and make time to heal our hearts, our children and society are in turn healed and less reactive.  And, when we run our soul-aligned businesses and lives accordingly, everybody has an easier time, and everybody wins. 


Did we not just watch the whole world have a big-ass trauma reaction to this virus? A loss of control, and a war-mentality?


(Viruses are a natural phenomenon, nothing novel, and guess what, viruses will outlast humans.) 


This is old, this is a backdated trauma-tape, and this is a clue on how truly traumatised the majority of modern society is!


See above diagram for perspective.  

What has the 6 minute journal got to do with this?


#1 Gratitude is the time tested and proven method of increasing feelings of happiness, self esteem and motivation.  Not just thinking it, but writing it down in minuscule detail.  


#2 It comes with an excellent motivational section based on sound psychological theory to really convince you to stick to it.  Me and my clients have reaped great benefit from it and wish that you will too!


#3 To take over the world (Pinky and the brain!), I had to take over my monkey mind.  6 minutes was all I could do at one point.  It's a fabulous starting point to more and more writing, especially if you haven't journaled in a while.


Are you in the business of changing lives, and transforming the world?  Are you a healthcare leader?  

You're not even in the game if you can't put 6 minutes aside for self love and care.  Start here.


I've got just 10 more diaries going for cheaper than you could get online, so go ahead and shop now! 


*makes for an extra special gift, too!  Happy 2021! 😘