❤️ Gratitude + Year end sale!

Many of you may know, I start wrapping my year up around November (Ideally, really, by Halloween but this year was busy!), in order to reflect, recollect and recharge for the coming year, 2021.  

Here's a year's review of what I'm most grateful for, go ahead, take 10 minutes, make a cup of herbal tea, light a candle and make a similar one yourself!  

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In 2020, the year in review...

#1 Of course, the major kick up the ass to go completely online, and leave my traditional family physician role in order to come closer to my dreams and mission of helping more women and transforming more families from the inside out!  

I took a long hard look, and despite my fears of going into the unknown, having an eye on my legacy and mission that comes from my heart and soul, helped me overcome this fear.  

I share this, because if a dream is sitting in your heart, buried under the comfort, limitations and "what ifs", we need to talk.   

I want this for you, too.  

#2 A successful and overwhelming response to my 2 week Kickstart course on Nutrients, first to mummies, then for practitioners to apply on themselves while gathering key clinical pearls to level up on their skills too! 

I cannot be prouder of my cohort, and I speak to each and every one of them so I now have a network of nutrient-aware practitioners to refer to.  

Knowing that so many people are going to live a better vibration with all of you adding advanced clinical nutrition to your skillset, in the community, is a dream come true for me.  

#3 Launched my Vibrant Life applied functional medicine academy + mentorship (by application only), filling up with hand-picked superstar candidates!  

(I collected 10 years of courses, webinars, mentors and advisors, and gathered clinical experience to put this together so you don't have to!)

#4  I could not have done this without my kick-ass business mentor, who I also searched far and wide for, followed her online, and then met again serendipitously.  

I have learned that there is nothing like having a coach to keep you accountable, save you years of research, and get you unstuck from life's recurring issues.  

I have experienced first hand playing small and trying to do everything on my own, then playing big, and now am a big fan of investing in 1:1 attention, as you know, and my mentorships reflect this.   

The world needs heart and soul leaders now, and better health now.

There is no time to waste "becoming ready", and collecting expensive accreditations and letters after your name.  

It's all about the apprenticeship, all over again, but this time paired with coaching for success.  (Take note, parents of young children and budding athletes.)

#5 This one is personal.  Apparently creation and fertility is in the air so after creating all these new products in my business, God entrusted me to partake in his creation plans and planted a little human in my womb to join our family!  

So I now I am tasked to get to know, nurture and love this little soul, and mummy protection and intuition vibes are strong.  So is the progesterone chill vibe, and what good is a vibe when it's not shared :P

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